I have had the great pleasure of having experienced some of Brigitte’s treatments and services.  I find her place to be very calming and her knowledge very comforting.  My experience has been very beneficial to my personal health.  

Sue O.   

I come away from our time together with physical shifts and the deepest of relaxation.  Part of your skill as a practitioner lies in the way you naturally blend our conversations with your choice of oils that you use to massage my body.  I believe it sends deeper messages to my body, bringing about greater awareness.  Your trust in the innate healing wisdom of the body/mind is absolute.  I am often amazed, as in life, to discover how everything within the session is connected.  Thank you for the beautiful treatments over the years.

Donna V. RMT   

I visited Brigitte for massage treatments.   My experience with her exceeded my expectations.  In addition to providing amazing massages that alleviated certain issues, she is also professional, kind, and open.  She truly went above and beyond, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody.  


When I was first introduced to Brigitte and Aromatherapy I was suffering from severe stress resulting in body tension and poor health.  I lay on the table feeling Brigitte's healing hands massage and manipulate the tension and stress from my body.  I left aware that I had truly been given a gift, a new holistically well life was beginning to emerge.  Since then, over a period of 14 years, aromatherapy massages and Reiki treatments with Brigitte have become an integral part of my wellness routine.  Under her truly gifted hands I come way from the therapy feeling rejuvenated in both mind and spirit.  Thank you, Brigitte for being an essential part and blessing in my healthy life routine. 

Kathleen M.     

Every time I’ve gone to see Brigitte for a massage I have felt welcomed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Brigitte always takes the time to truly listen and customize a perfect blend of essential oils to best suit your needs. During my last appointment, I came in with pain and discomfort that Advil wouldn’t even ease. From the mixture of oils, massage and reiki that Brigitte did, that pain was totally gone when our time together was over. Brigitte is very professional, I feel safe and well cared for during my time with her and I would, and have, recommend her to anyone.   


I have been a customer of Amphoria Aromatherapy for almost five years. Even though there are a lot of businesses offering similar services and products in this very competitive market in the Victoria area, I have never even considered going somewhere else for these services since I started coming to Amphoria. Amphoria also provides a wide range of personal care products of the best quality which are individually made to suit my personal needs and preferences.


Due to a past car accident, I have a vulnerable spot in my upper back that regularly gets inflammed. I've tried many different types of massages for my upper back, and many are fine at the time, even intense, but don't have any lasting effects. I've had great success with creating space, warmth and amazing openness with Brigitte's massages. The combination of the heating essential oils and massage techniques are both intense, soothing, and help to give me relief in that area. As an active person, both in life and in my work, this is essential!

R.H., Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Thai Massage Practitioner

Brigitte is always highly professional but brings a concerned warmth and supportive interest to her clients, remembering and noting the particular needs of each client. The customer service provided by Amphoria Aromatherapy has been more than exemplary, exceeding our expectations in many ways.


At my appointments, I feel that she has all the time in the world for me, and I appreciate the individualized treatment. Her skill in the area of massage is outstanding and after every treatment I notice just how stress-free and relaxed I feel.


Brigitte gave me an amazing treatment, and the results were far better than I was expecting. I had very little experience with massage - I thought it would just be a relaxing treatment, something to make my physical body feel better, but it went much deeper. During the massage, I started thinking of my ex-girlfriend, who I'd had a hard time getting over, and I didn't understand why. I began to get very emotional about it, and although I don't think she could see, tears began streaming out of my eyes as I felt myself crying over someone I wasn't even aware I missed anymore. I then literally felt a huge amount of heavy energy leaving my body, and I felt like I was not only ten pounds lighter, but also tremendously happier than when I'd started the massage. For the rest of the day I felt joyful and light, and I believe she released some deep sadness that I wasn't even aware I was carrying. Brigitte is your go-to person for helping to heal you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. 


I used to suffer from periodic asthma attacks (triggered whenever I caught a cold) which necessitated the use of Pulmicort and Ventolin inhalers.  When I mentioned my issues to Brigitte she suggested tying Frankincense essential oil in a Heavenly Scent negative ionizing diffuser to open up my airways.  I was also instructed to drop her Flu Buster blend in my evening bath, followed by rubbing Ravintsara oil on my feet and chest to boost immunity against viral infections.  It has been over 10 years since that conversation and I have used Frankincense in that diffuser in my bedroom every night.  That, together with the Flu Buster and Ravintsara regimen whenever I thought I might be catching a cold, has enabled me to avoid using any inhalers for the past 7 years.


That body butter  (Butter Me Up) just makes me want to eat it - it smells divine!!.  It is so nice and rich.


“To remember who you are, you must forget who you were told to be.”